Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Pathway at Friendly Center off Friendly Avenue in Greensboro NC. Again just an idea

Ititial ideas for the oasis area just an idea. From Moses Cone hospital Greensboro, NC
Front Entrance of the Hospital off Friendly Ave.

Site plan for Edges, Borders and Bounderies project.
Oasis group. Our group decided on a pathway through the Oasis area.
to show progression. We would make stepping stones and perhaps sitting.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vanishing Point

Vanishing point photo
Gatewood Art Bldg
NW side.

One point perspective a box completed Nov 2, 2008

two point drawing corner done nov 2, 2008

Downtown E. Market St.
Greensboro NC.
View at an angle.
Bank of America, Downtown
Greensboro, NC
Two point perspective.


Around the bend. Two point perspective.

Front yard East lake Dr.
Greensboro NC.

One Point perspective in front of my house in
Greensboro NC. a park on East Lake Dr.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Better view of Ginko Biloba& Pear tree behind trash facilities

Only Ginko Bola tree in this area and Pear tree at the corner cross walk.

Juniper and Nandina Bushes

These photos show different vies of the NW to NE side of Gatewood Art Bldg Nandina and Juniper bushes.

Juniper bushes on the NW side of Gatewood Art Bdlg and photo of parking area and islands
bare or spars vegetation.

Pear tree across from Gatewood Art Bldg
Cross walk on NW side of building. Tall pine
in back ground. Ground has some grass and
dirt bare spots. Trash facilities on the corner.

Crepe Mrytle Trees in parking lot across from Gatewood Bldg North West end.
Parking area up close in evening.