Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Twig Project Final Idea

At last I came up with a final decision on how to present my
stick project. I chose the twelve twigs cut and glued into 90 degree and 45 degree angles arranged them acording to height
placed them in a corral of sorts. A black band made of crape paper about two inches wide and curved at the top. Glue was
my ahesive used in this project. I chose a sperical shape to contrast the angular shape of the twigs this encloses the twelve twigs into a corral . The legs of the twigs protude from the side of the enclosure. There are two circles with six twigs each at right angles the twigs shadow each other with the negective space, and also parallel each set. My precedence is the designer Adhemir Fogassa at www. maguetes.com.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another idea but.... too much paper not enough of the sticks showing back to the drawing board. I think I want this to be more stability and more of the texture of the twigs also
the color so I am thinking of using a brighter color or darker and perhaps not so many angles on the paper show more of the angles of the twigs, light and shadow. The next one should be it I hope. Phew this isn't easy but it's interesting.

Still trying to decide what these twelve twigs will turn out to be problem I'm having is making this
item stable, symmetry is good how do I show the paper in relations to
the sticks to make this stable working do this another photo follows.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stick/twig project: Ideas

My precedence on this idea is a hearth fan usually found in front of fire places. I used Twelve twigs and a sheet of brown paper.
I took the paper and fanned it into twelve folds then I place a twig about 10" long into each fold of the fan. then to secure them I used as a bonding agent knitting yard swirled around each twig and through the fold of the fan.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

IARC Theory 444: John Linn Architecture 2030

Today's lecture with John Linn noted Architecture and Teacher, was about AIA 2030 CHALLENGE a case study in sustainability. Thoughts to consider imagine a place called home what would we see. He compared the human existence as a storm on the planet earth.
The impact of human activity vs impact of sustainability.
We are agents for transformation constructive and destructive dynamic events not a place
but a process. That all life is interconnected. He spoke about Ed Mazria of New Mexico that the 2010 Vision is imperative now eventually leading to 2030 challenge for zero carbon in building use,not to use carbon products. ( I'm not sure this is possible since all earth has carbon in it energy even people living on this planet.)
Mr. Linn spoke about use and reuse renovating old buildings to be more energy efficient rather than tear them down to make innovations to renew or modernized historic building for future use. His speciality are old Cathedrals across the country. One in particular is Christ Cathedral as a LEED building preservation work with what already exist. Leadership Energy Architecture Design. He also spoke about Leeds NC Platinum program: preservation program to work with what already exist. He spoke about Henry Hobson Richardson (1872-77) change is an internal system.
There are 60 programs to do Green Homes in Greensboro NC. In conclusion he told us to Stop and Reflect about sustainability Balance, Reuse,Spirals...Know the Storm, Find the Beauty, Trust the Beauty and Live the Beauty Sustainability.
I really enjoyed his interesting lecture and in economic and ecological times today we all really need to Think and Do more to preserve what we have and reserve the energy and"live simply so that others can simply live". quote from author unknown.

Problems with stick project.

These are some of the sticks I'm working with for the 2nd project a holder, box, container, unit, enclosure, place...etc. for twelve sticks. My precedence is from an Italian Designer Adhemir Fogassa
http://www.maguetes.com/. I first glued 2 sticks together to form an arch 6 arches total and then put them into holes in form board to create the design in picture above. At first I had too much base attached to the board the sticks were implanted in so this was stripped away now the objective is to make the board look more like a holding place for the sticks instead of just being placed on top of the board. My next procedure will be to implant the sticks though the form board so that my project will look more like a holding place for the arched twelve sticks. Next post I shall show this and see how it looks.


In this exercise we had to draw our right hand with our left and left hand with our right.
Not to bad for first timer I think. Shake hands :).

Monday, September 15, 2008

IAR 110 Song lettering practice

Precedence for my Stick Project 09/15/08

The angles and structure of this design intrigued me to emulate this with materials of twelve sticks.

In deciding how to handle a closure, container, box etc. for twelve twigs I came across this design from www. Adhemir Fogassa.com also www. maquetes.com. I felt that this design was what I was trying to convey with my twelve sticks project. Other photos will follow.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Place for a Leaf Project

I chose a Wandering Jew plant leaf for my project because of the unusual color of the leaf and it's boat like shape. I started out with many different shaped containers from a boat shape to a bowl shape and finally
decided to copy the actual shape of the leaf itself. I took colored paper with a orange hue to it, orange on
one side and green on the other side to envelop the leaf. I used two leaves which are actually the shape of the
leaves on the plant. I cross the envelope shapes together and notched them at the bottom then I took another
piece of decorative paper which looked like wood and shaped it in a triangle with the lines going veritical
to resemble a block of wood with the plant growing out of it.

Image:Cathedral of Magdeburg Inside.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Image:Cathedral of Magdeburg Inside.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tommy, I actually had a photo of a cathedral built by the Mason society in perhaps the 1300 or 1500's completely made of wood. I am unable to find this photo and cannot quite remember the
city in Germany or Denmark where it was but I will continue to look. I am sending you this
Cathedral photo from Magdeburg Germany. Maybe I didn't understand you the first time
but I have walked in many Catherdrals and have been awed at the entrance. There have been
those that do have a dark archway before you come into the main room also.

If I miss understood you please explain. Thank you, Arnis Boschulte

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Practice Lettering 09-06-08

Lettering practice 09/06/08

Kirk and Stole sitting on chairs
on a platform. Visualization drawing without looking at the paper.
Sept 4th, 2008

Garage day at the curb.

Garage day at the curb a mess of trash.

Mess of things on the table.

A mess of things on the table.

A mess of papers on the table.
things left over from a project.
Drawn my hand without looking at the paper.
Contour drawing through the sense of touch...pencil connects with object being drawn.
sept. 4th. 2008

First Design Project: Drawn from memory

Drawing project image from
memory 2nd time different
view. Wandering Jew plant
leaves placed in a paper image
similar to the shape of the actual leaf
coming out of an block of wood( objects made of paper.)
First project drawn from memory.
Wandering Jew leaf set in shape
similar to shape of leaf. Leaves protrude
from a block of wood. Project made from designer paper.