Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Edges Boundries and Borders

First project for Oasis group casted with motor and red wood chips as a aggregate. I felt it came out quite well a little thick. Leaves for imbedded in the cast before it dries and peeled off after. I needed help to do this and my instructor helped me along with my classmate since I broke my doninate hand. The next image is a second try a little small with no aggregate.

Edges,Borders and Bounderies

These are some of the photos for our Edges, Borders and Boundaries project. After several different tries to come up with a design that we all agreed upon and was finally accepted. At first we wanted to make a pathway with the stepping stones, seats and a bird bath. Somethings like the birdbath was not practical. Seats would take forever to dry and be too cumbersome. We finally decided on a Pathway as shown in the last photo.