Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ten Best things that Guides my Design Journey:

1. Egyptian Pyramids and any kind of Egyptian artifact. The Pyramids fascinate me. When I was a child in elementary school a student did a science project by putting bread under a pyramid shape and days later the bread was still fresh. It was preserved. I own an authentic Papyrus Egyptian painting.

2. The Immaculate Cathedral in Washington DC. Again my grandmother would take my cousins and I to this Cathedral on special occasions. There seem to be an aura of majestic peace and reverence when ever we visited this Cathedral .

My Grandmother's dishes. My grandmother always set the table for evening dinner after breakfast so that all she had to do was serve dinner when my Grandfather came home.from work. I loved to see the pattern on the plate as I ate my dinner.

I love animals all kinds but especially exotic birds, Macaws,Parrots, Parakeets, etc.
their feathers are so beautiful and colorful. They are such intelligent animals then again all animals are.

Amphitheaters: I enjoy sitting outside in an amphitheater listening to Music

love a cup of warm coffee in the morning.

I grew up with Danish modern furniture. My Mother had a fetish for good furniture. My Grandfather was from Denmark.

I love the sea and Islands anywhere especially in the Caribbean.
I love to travel and meet new people and places.

So these are a few of the things that inspire my Design Journey.

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